Youngevity –We’re the only direct marketing company to successfully petition the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to establish Qualified Health Claims for Selenium (the only mineral with a qualified health claim) and Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids.

Most people have visions, dreams and goals in their life that they want to accomplish. We understand that and have created a complete process of following through on your needs, wants and desires! Whether, you are having health, time or money issues – our focus is to assist you in your business so that you are not alone. We are here to help you create a lifestyle that will allow you to follow your heart.]

Youngevity is the only company in industry that allows you to do social selling (parties and presentations) and have residual income with your business!

Take control of your own personal situation (health, more time or money) and join a team of people that are achieving everyday success. Let’s focus on helping other individuals achieve their best.

You can start with Youngevity for as low as $25US or $32.50.  What is stopping you?

With this company, you select one or more of that amazing product lines that you wish to represent, you can chose from

Mialisia, youngevity, 90 for life, heritage makers, essential oils, mineral make upOur product lines include

90 for Life – our health and wellness line

Mialisia & South Hill Designs – your Verastyle and Personalized jewelry

Our Memories for Life – oversets, tools, pages and paper are just what you need to make your memories last in beautiful style! Whether you have limited time or love to get caught up in creativity, these products will help you make the most of your precious photos and stories. Brought to us through the inspiration of Rhonda Kanning Anderson—welcome to traditional album making at its finest!

Anthology by Lisa Benson – offers limited edition kits, basic supplies, and tools to make creating fun and easy! Each kit includes pre-packaged supplies and a recipe card with instructions for completing the project as well as tips for adding your personal touch. Lisa Bearnson has created projects you’ll love making and sharing with loved ones.

Heritage Makers – digital scrapbooking and personalized card making

Youngevity Essential Oils – More and more, people everywhere are turning to essential oils in order to improve their health and quality of life. Youngevity’s Essential Oils provide you, your family and your household with benefits ranging from pain relief and better sleep patterns to a comforting home environment.

Youngevity Mineral makeup – Youngevity is commonly known as “The Mineral Company” because natural plant-derived minerals are the foundation of our superior health and wellness product lines. For years our health-conscious customers have been demanding a mineral-based makeup line! In response, we’ve developed the finest makeup you’ll ever use.

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