DOG TRAINING WITH A TWIST…….transforming real-life scenarios into learning opportunities  by setting pups up for success & allowing them to think for themselves. By rewarding when manners are offered, knowledge is enthusiastically retained & accessed. Human-pup relationships evolve from  frustration & squirt bottles to easy and fulfilling. 

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  • For pups 3+ months. 

This Program Is Different

Flexible Scheduling 

  • Start anytime
  • Module topics rotate each week between 7 different times lots so you can select the module topic which works best with your schedule.
  • Take a week or two or more (package dependent) off without penalty. 

Power To The (Dog) People

  • You get to decide the order in which to take the modules. Learn what you need, when you need it.
  • It is highly recommended that you begin with modules 1 & 2 first. 

No More Levels. 

  • Didn’t quite understand a topic? That’s okay! Take the module again.
  • Mastered your current level? Retake the module to work at a different difficulty.

VIP Treatment

  • Class sizes are small, with privacy dividers for decreasing distractions.
  • One-on-one instructions with helpful handouts


Module 1: Orientation

Gain a core understanding of how dogs actually learn while developing the basic skills required to expertly train your dog and read their body language.

  • Name Game
  • Understanding Behavior issues

Module 2: Art of Please

Pups can say please, you just need to let them think! Get those house manners you want while giving pup’s brain the workout it needs! The start of some truly amazing impulse control.

  • Sit (offered & cued)
  • Targeting
  • Scenarios

Module 3: Zen Dog

Why shouldn’t ‘down’ lead to a good nap? Teach pup about peaceful ‘downs’ and chilling on a mat for stress-free meals on a patio or outings with friends.

  • Down
  • Mat with Zen

Module 4: Control Yourself

There go your headphones….his wallet….and don’t look now, but the sofa has muddy paw prints. Discover pup’s inner impulse control with our innovative exercises.

  • Leave it/Take it
  • Drop it
  • Scenarios

Module 5: Troubleshooting 

Learn how to create air tight strategies preventing  pup from practicing bad habits & turning every ‘oops!’ into learning moments. Counter surfing. Door Dashers. Jumping. Barking.

  • Over arousal/Trigger Stacking

Module 6: Attention!

Sure, they’ll look at you with a treat in your hand, but, what about if a dog walks by? Teach pup why offering you attention can be very beneficial.

  • Look At Me
  • Power Of Choice
  • Name Game

Module 7: Good Graces

The perfect polisher for your precious pup. From graciously greeting guests to banishing begging,  you’ll love showing off pup’s amazing manners.

  • Polite greetings
  • No more begging
  • (Go To) Bed.

Module 8: Loose Leash Walking

Whether you demand heel position or just a shoulder still in its socket, this class will teach you all the moves needed to master loose leash walking & distractions.

Module 9: COME!

The only behavior which actually saves lives. Learn common mistakes, how to keep training fun, and best strategies for recalling a while learning.


One credit per module. Packages are sold per dog (unless otherwise stated.) Expiry calculated from the date of purchase. 

  • Package of 8 credits- $235 (valid for 3 months) 
  • Package of 10 Credits- $275 (valid for 4 months) 
  • Package of 12 Credits- $315 (valid for 6 months)
  • Package of 16 Credits- $385 (valid for 8 months)
    • This package MAY be split between dogs within the same household (same address & primary owner.)


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