Dog Training Programs

Less like training. More like having fun with your dog

Why Train With Masters of Mischief

Curriculum Matters

  • Tired of the same, boring, over-packed classes? We believe in teaching clients basic problem solving skills trainers utilize, empowering them to become well-rounded leaders. Don’t be surprised if learning ‘drills’ feel more like play-time than school-time, because learning is best accomplished if everyone is having fun!

Real Life Results

  • Let’s be honest- learning drills are boring and make transferring learned skills into real life very difficult. You’ll learn how to train behaviors like ‘sit’……. and then be shown how to apply this behavior at the front door, when giving pup dinner, or for polite guest greetings. New skills can be immediately applied where pups need help the most for quicker results which produce knowledge retained for a lifetime. 

Tailored Instruction

  • With smaller class sizes, you’ll receive one-on-one instruction & troubleshooting while, your instructor employs classroom management strategies to ensure a fun, supportive experience for all canine and human students. Detailed handouts are always provided! 

Relationship-boosting Methods

  • In an unregulated industry, anyone can claim to be anything. We utilize positive reinforcement methods, focused on setting pups up for success & rewarding their good choices. Prong/choke/electric (punishment) collars, intimidation, spray bottles or similar practices are never used because training should teach what is not yet known instead of punishing the uneducated learner. 

Experience Matters

  • We don’t just love dogs, we know everything about  them. Instructors are highly certified & educated in canine training & behavior. With well over a decade worth of successful experience, and a commitment to continuing education, we are proud to be recognized as experts in our field. 

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