Emily, MA, KPA-CTP
Owner & Behavior Expert

Dog training should create a more meaningful relationship between you and your dog.

I became a trainer because of my dog, Deano. My trainer-instructor told me how worthless Deano was; a throw away dog. So, I quit my job and went back to school. A better method for training dogs had to exist. 

This life with dogs has taught me patience, kindness, & finding value where you least expect to, They have expanded my horizons in unimaginable ways. Masters of Mischief honors what my guys have taught me about the meaning of training; the pursuit of a good, simple life shared with dogs.

I believe in empowering my clients through knowledge & experience because every dog  & human is capable of learning. I really love what I do for a living and I live for that moment when you fall back in love with your dog because of training. This is why I’m a straight shooter; no gimmicks or false promises, just training services which value compassion, laughter, integrity, and the well being of client & dog above all else. In a world where anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, providing peace of mind that an expert is truly who you are inviting into your home, well, it’s paramount to me. 

I relocated to Kingston, Ontario in 2017 after living over 12 years in Colorado. It was here that I studied behavior through the revolutionary Training & Behavior program at the Boulder Valley Humane Society with mentoring from one of the most incredible behaviorists in the country. Following my time here, I completed certification through the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy for Dog Training & Behavior, earning my KPA-CTP certification, while also completing a Masters Degree. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to learn from & work with the finest trainers & behaviorists in the world. While I have been a trainer for a long time, but, I never consider my education to be complete and remain an active participant in educational experiences & conferences. 

While I was sad to leave Colorado, I am incredibly proud of what Masters Of Mischief accomplished there. This business was known for excellence in behavior modification, working closely with vet behaviorists in many states, becoming the preferred behavior expert for legally classified Dangerous in Larimer County, developing rehabilitation programs for former military working dogs, & training service dogs for those with unique needs/disabilities. I’ve even worked rehabilitating lions!  

Oh, and as for Deano…. That ‘throw away dog’ served as my service dog up until 2017 when he gracefully retired due to his health. To him, I am eternally grateful and owe everything. 

Here’s the truth…………If it makes you happy, let your dogs on the sofa. Let them snooze on your bed. Let them go through a door before you. Why? Because none of these things means your dog is poorly trained.

A life with dogs should be happy. It shouldn’t feel like more work.