Hi, I’m Hope!

Thanks for stopping by, thought I would tell you a little bit about myself.  My journey into direct sales/social selling started at the ripe age of 19 – I attempted to sell a makeup line that (at the time) was more suited for middle age ladies – well, guess what, my friends didn’t have the time or money for that, and my first attempt was less than successful – but I learned a lot from that experience.

Fast forward 20 year.  I have done a bunch of stuff in the middle, including being a corporate event planner for a major charity, but having children, meant that traveling for months on end was probably not the best choice – my hubby and I decided I would focus on my photography passion, and I would work my business that way.  Well, photographing babies is great, but I missed the aspect of my life where I got out of the house (my studio was in my renovated basement!) Then, I saw “IT”   – a locket, a beautiful piece of jewelry that could capture a story and share something special with the world.  I jumped! If only to sell a locket or two in my studio – but what I didn’t know is that my passion for helping others find their dreams, would be a far bigger draw then my own passion for photography.

Within 18 months, Our Team Sparkles grew to 600 amazing women and men wanting to share the stories that the lockets provided.  Fast forward until now, lots of changes, but I have found two wonderful homes.

Firstly, I joined an amazing company called Modere.  Modere is a category-leading portfolio of lifestyle essentials—personal care, health & wellness, and household products that are equal parts safe, high performing, and beautifully designed. Our formulas are proven and tested, and have been trusted by customers around the world for more than 25 years.

But then there is my other passion – teaching and technology.  I have the priveledge to be part of the Sassy Suite which is community of like minded direct sellers and entrepreneurs who are looking for the better way to promote their business.  My main job with with Sassy Suite is tecnology for the blogging boot camps and managing the main (and sub) websites.  Come on over and learn!


HOPE – Helping Others Pursue Excellence, is not only my moto but my mission in life




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